Extreme Detox Version of Cabbage Soup Diet (Colon Cleanse) & (Detox)

something every body needs


This is a detox and colon cleansing diet not something you eat on a daily basis or serve to people as a meal. If you have a weak stomach this will cause cramping because it is a colon cleanse. This is for adults only and you are responsible your your own health in what you decide to do. Expect to lose weight but, also remember to stay hydrated with water.

This is the healthier vegetarian and extreme detox version of the cabbage soup diet which is way healthier considering the original diet uses a product called V8 which contains chemical preservatives and is not healthy or organic and contains a lot of sodium even in low sodium versions. Why is this different from my Healthier vegetarian version? The 1 cup of cayenne pepper added to the soup.

1 head of organic cabbage – sliced into fourths, then each sliced piece…

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